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About us

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to focus on providing services to meet end-of-life care needs for residents of our community. We strive to be a leader and an example to our community by providing state-of-the-art hospice care. We build open and honest relationships with communications. We embrace and drive change and pursue growth and learning. We are compassionate and determined in the treatment and care of those facing the end-of-life and also with family members during bereavement. We are committed to deliver “WOW” Through Service with a positive team and family Spirit approach that includes expert pain and symptom management, along with emotional and spiritual support tailored to the patient’s wishes. Our team of professionals are committed and dedicated to providing our patients, their families and friends with the highest quality of compassionate hospice services available. about-us-image


Your Harmony Hospice Team

Your hospice team works together to provide the care needed by you and your family. You may not require all of these services during your hospice care and there may be times when you require hospice staff more or less frequently than other times. Know we are all here for you when you need us.


You will be assigned a Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager who will coordinate your care. Your nurse will make scheduled visits to assess your physical needs and help prevent pain and symptoms by communicating with your doctor. The nurse will provide education related to your disease process and teach your caregiver how to provide care. A nurse is available to you after hours and weekends for unexpected needs or emergencies.


Your Social Worker will help you and your family deal with the emotions of living with your illness. Your social worker will provide emotional support, assist with resources, counseling and offering information about Advance Directives and even placement services if needed.


Your Hospice Chaplain will assist you and your family to cope with the significant spiritual issues that may arise during your illness. Our Chaplains are non-judgmental and have a strong desire to reach out with love and concern for you and your family.


Your Hospice Aide will provide personal care under the supervision of the RN Case Manager. Our Aides have been carefully chosen to provide care for our patients in hospice. The hospice aide may assist with bathing, hair care, skin care, linen changes and straightening your room based on needs assessed by the RN.


You may be assigned a Volunteer who is carefully selected and trained to work alongside our hospice team. Your volunteer can provide support by listening and talking with you, running errands, writing thank you notes, or simply providing tasks that will help you and your caregiver.


The Bereavement Coordinator will help you and your family with grief you may experience due to the illness, loss of control, loss of function and loss of a loved one. Following the death, we continue to provide bereavement support to the grieving family member, usually the spouse or primary caregiver, by sending educational material, telephone calls and visits based on coping skills and emotional support needed.

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